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True Parenting Flyer April 2016

True Parenting

True Parenting will enable you to see parenting in a new way; it fills the mysterious gap of fully understanding children’s characters and personalities. It is obvious that we can’t discipline, motivate, communicate, and build self-esteem with all children the same way without adopting the solid elaborate method of understanding personalities theory.
Program outcome:

  • Understand yourself and your role as a parent.
  • Understand your spouse deeply as well as your children’s personalities and how to 
deal with each using psychological based theories.
  • Find explanations to their behaviors and thoughts
  • Learn how to discipline, motivate, communicate, build self-esteem for each 
  • Building an “Exemplary Family” 
Parents joining our program will enjoy our membership privileges including group follow up sessions to ensure the deployment of acquired strategies and a life long relationship with our educationalist team.
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