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True Colors is a simple, user-friendly personality assessment and communication system that stimulates personal and professional development. It’s the most effective personality self-assessment tool for supporting ANY organizational transformation.

True colors has been used for over 30 years!
Founded in 1978 and based on principles of Myers_Briggs and the work of David Keirsey. Research has shown that true colors had significant construct validity when measured against MBTI and the DISC.

It opens our minds to new possibilities and allows us to undertake workable new actions, and it becomes a key factor in fostering increasingly good feelings about ourselves and others.


“ True Colors creates and becomes the universal language that “connects” an organization.”

The True Colors process of communication creates a healthy workplace and a positive work environment by creating connectedness through :

  • Developing team building and rapport.
  • Recognizing the values, strengths, joys, stresses and frustrations of eachtemperament group.
  • Ability to bond entire organizations through productive behavior
  • Employee Growth and Development.
  • Enhancing Overall Communication.

“True Colors helps rekindle interest in education among today’s youth”

True Colors has been used successfully in education for thirty years. It helps everyone involved in the education process -teachers, administrators, counselors, students and support staff—become a team coordinated around the goal of learning outcomes.

True Colors School Program Goals:

  • Increase Attendance & Promote Cooperation.
  • Motivate Positive Achievement &Improve Grades. – Build Respect & Trust.
  • Reduce Stressors & Resolve Conflict.
TC education 3

“It is a Life Changing”

The information becomes an invaluable tool for enjoying success in our careers, with our families, and in our personal relationships.

It helps to :

  • Deepen our self-awareness
  • Understand and appreciate characteristics of self and others
  • Build true relationships with key people in your life.
  • Build and promote self-esteem, respect, dignity, worthiness and confidence
  • Reduce potential conflict, frustration and stress.
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“True Colors Transcends Cultural Barriers”

The simplicity of the True Colors method transcends language barriers and translates easily among cultures. True Colors is presented worldwide and has been experienced by millions. Check the list below to find and contact a representative in your region.

Multiethnic Diverse People in a Circle Holding Hands

True Colors Workshops

In addition to developing the sense of “self- awareness” and the awareness of others through our energetic “True Colors Success Certification” program, True Colors International, presented Innovative Group-USA with exclusive rights in the Middle East area with the below Certification Programs:

  • True Leadership.
  • True Team Building.
  • True Parenting.
  • True Teaching and Learning Styles.
  • True career
  • True Direction.
  • True Conflict Management.
  • And Much More!